Definition of the colloquium and the ‘little’ defence

From the Dean’s Decree N1/14 of 10th September, 2014, regarding the further duties of doctoral students of the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics, Prague.

The colloquium is where the students of the 2nd and 3rd year of full time and combined doctoral study programmes present their ongoing research carried out within the framework of their Ph.D. dissertation. The colloquium takes place annually during the first half of the fall semester. The objective of the colloquium is to support doctoral students, in a sufficiently timely manner, in the preparation of their empirical research, which will be a component of their dissertation. The ‘little’ defence takes place in the 4th year of studies at the latest.


(To those PhD candidates who enter the PhD study programme from the academic year 2014/2015)

Department Date Time Room Notes
Department of Logistics
Department of Marketing
Department of Strategy
Department of Human Resource Management
Department of Entrepreneurship |  20. 11. 2019  13:00 RB 459 Diener, Florian Maximilian
Küchler, Jiří
Humaidan, Khalifa Bin
Riedel, Norman Hendrik
Mayerhoffer, Manuel
Department of Management
Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology
Department of Microeconomics


‘Little’ Defence terms

14. 2. 2020 /13:45/RB 438/Krismadewi/the dissertation will be available at the Department of  Economy

11. 12. 2019 /10:00/RB 359/Hitz/the dissertation will be available at the Department of Strategy

22. 5. 2019 /14:00/RB 359/Vojvodic/the dissertation will be available at the Department of Strategy

5. 12. 2018 /Bergold/the dissertation will be available at the Department of Strategy

23. 1. 2018/10:00/Schiller/the first version of the dissertation will be available at the Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology

23. 3. 2017/14:30/RB 459/Bauer

21. 9. 2016/13:00/RB 359/Meeran



Colloquium at the start of the 2nd year

Term: October-November

Requirements: A completed literature review, a list of about 80 of the most relevant sources and books, with a predominance of articles which were published in foreign journals with impact factor in the past five years.The formulation of research questions is based on a review of the existing state of knowledge in the field of the dissertation.The added value that the candidate’s dissertation brings must be clearly defined, both from the point of view of scientific knowledge in the global context, as well as in practice. It must also contain the general idea of the empirical research, for instance: the proposed research group, data collection and analytical methods.

Colloquium at the start of the 3rd year

Term: October-November

Requirements: Completion of the theoretical part. The final research methodology and data collection schedule must be prepared. The pilot version must be ready for testing the methodology on a small sized sample.

Participants in the Colloquium

  • They are informed and approached by the head of department, or by the “scientific representative”, who is so designated by the head of department;
  • Necessary participants:Other 2nd and 3rd year Ph.D. students from the department, their supervisors (in case of illness, representatives designated by supervisors); a representative of the faculty with an advanced knowledge of research methodology (upon consultation with the Vice-Dean for Science, Research and Ph.D. Studies, this facultative representative is appointed by the Head of Department);
  • There must be at least 4 persons.

Colloquia Terms

To be determined by each department.

Excusal from participation is possible only on the basis of a doctor’s certificate.

The method and terms of submission of presentation before the colloquium are set by the appropriate department. The recommended approach is to send the presentation to the colloquium at least 1 week before the date on which the colloquium is to take place, so that the colloquium members can study it.

Organisational Matters

For the student:

  • he/she must send a PowerPoint presentation which is of 15-20 minutes duration, at least 7 days before the colloquium, to the designated contact person at the department (contact person);
  • The method, and term, of submission of the presentation before the colloquium is determined by the department;
  • he/she receives a written record of proceedings, after the colloquia. This written record is prepared by the designated representative of the department. The minutes are draft proposals for incorporation into the records. The student receives the records electronically from his/her supervisor or assistant for study programmes.

The department (through its designated representative) ensures the following:

  • determination of the terms of colloquia of the individual departments (day / room) at least 2 months in advance;

o   Ing. Válová, Ph. D. will publish the terms on the faculty website;

  • the detailed organization of the colloquia (including contacting and inviting participants);
  • distribution of presentations among the members of the department, as well as among faculty representatives, who will participate in colloquia, in addition to giving them to dissertation supervisors and to Ing. Válová, Ph. D.;
  • participation (and excusals) of full time and combined study programme doctoral students and their tutors;
  • checking of the minutes of the colloquium, including the possible inclusion of proposals for incorporation into the records of proceedings.

‘Little’ Defence

‘Little’ Defence – 4th Year

Requirements: A completed dissertation which comprises the complete theoretical, methodological and empirical parts, and which meets the goals of the thesis. It must also contain a demonstrable added value for science, practical applications, or for teaching.

‘Little’ Defence – 5th Year

The ‘little’ defence in the 5th year is possible only for those students who are retaking the ‘little’ defence, and the term takes place before the end of the fall semester.

Requirements: A completed dissertation which comprises the complete theoretical, methodological and empirical parts, and which meets the set target. It must also contain the demonstrable added value for science, practical applications, or for teaching.

Participants in the ’Little’ Defence

Members of the department with Ph.D. or higher academic degrees. They must make up a minimum of 3 participants in the colloquium, along with the relevant dissertation supervisors [in exceptional cases, the supervisor’s designated representative], as well as those representatives of the faculty who possess advanced knowledge of research methodology. The ‘little’ defence is organised by the relevant department, which also undertakes to inform the participants.

Further Organisational Matters

  • The student must send his/her dissertation for the ‘little’ defence, to Ing. Válová, Ph. D., and to the department, at least 4 weeks before the date of the ‘little’ defence;
  • The work will be placed on the intranet (this will be specified by M. Lorenc);
  • Registration is usually prepared by the supervisor (or other authorised person), who will, in a prompt and timely manner, upon completion, send a signed copy of the registration, by electronic means, to Ing. Válová, Ph. D. The candidate shall also receive a copy. The minutes of the ‘little’ defence shall contain, among other things, a statement as to the suitability of the study presented for being a subject of a dissertation. Therein shall also be advice as to what further adjustments the candidate must make to his/her work, as well as the opponents suggestions.

Contact Persons