Business Economics and Management

In the branch of Business Economics and Management, the research activities of PhD students are focused on such topics as the new theories of economic organization; new directions in the measurement of business performance; business strategy in a European context; the effects of globalization on the conduct of business; restructuring and revitalization of companies; innovation and financial strategy of multinational firms; forms of cooperation in the international business environment; joint-multinational companies; management of companies; and other, related, matters. The structure of the programme is as follows:

Block A: Subjects common to the whole school

  • MIE911 Economics (microeconomics-macroeconomics)
  • IT_910 Research Methods for Managers

Block B1: Branch compulsory subjects

Doctoral student chooses one of the two subjects on recommendation of a supervisor and according to his/her specialisation.

  • STP915 Statistical Methods for Scientific Research
  • EKO905 Quantitative Instruments for Economic Analysis

Block B2: Branch obligatory subject

Doctoral student chooses one of the three subjects on recommendation of a supervisor and according to his/her specialisation.

  • PE_925 Business Economics
  • PM_912 Management for the future
  • MG_922 Consumer behaviour

Block C: Optional subjects

After discussion with his/her supervisor the doctoral student chooses other subjects needed for the doctoral thesis (see the list of accredited subjects for doctoral study).

  • Theory of Firm
  • Economic and Social Theories Comparison
  • Managerial Psychology and Sociology
  • People Management for the Future
  • Management by Logistics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Decision making under risk and risk management
  • Organizational Architecture and Governance
  • Entrepreneurship research
  • Economics of Culture and Processes of European integration
  • Creative culture as a public service in the terms of current Europe