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New issue of Central European Business Review: Vol. 1, No. 1 online

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Academic journals in the field of business (or management) have been under serious criticism in recent years. Many academics as well as practitioners blame those journals that, in an effort to realize “scientific” research comparable to hard disciplines such as physics or biology, have overly narrowed their focus and thus they are cut off from the real-life problems facing managers. The critics believe that contemporary business research focuses primarily on methodological rigor, whereas new ideas and relevance for business practice remains of secondary interest.

The criticism is supported by the fact that most academic journals in the fi eld of business and management (in contrast to disciplines such as medicine) do not get appropriate attention from the business community. Managers are mostly excluded from the editorial boards of these journals and they do not participate in the review process.

Furthermore, according to the critics, the research papers in most academic journals are very often difficult to read and understand. Some even speculate that, in prestigious academic journals, a certain level of incomprehensibility is a necessary condition. Under these circumstances, business research seems to be often more an intellectual exercise than development of knowledge which should be interesting and
useful for practitioners.

The Central European Business Review (CEBR) wants to prevent the above mentioned problems. The journal’s main objective is to bridge the existing gap between academics and practitioners within the region of Central Europe. Although methodological rigor is very important for us, relevance for business practitioners is our primary aim.

In each issue of CEBR we will present an interview with an influential CEE CEO. At the same time, we will invite mana gers to publish their opinions on up-to-date business problems (in the non-reviewed part of the journal called “Discussion”). However, practitioners’ involvement will be encouraged also in the reviewed part: co-projects of academics and practitioners will be highly appreciated. And finally, all research papers will be reviewed by two reviewers: one academic and one practitioner.

Miroslav Karlíček, Ph.D.


Central European Business Review is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal focused on strategic business issues with a Central European perspective. The journal is published by the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Economics, Prague. It’s main objective is to bridge the existing gap between academics and practitioners within the region.

The journal is primarily intended for senior management of corporations and other large companies operating in Central Europe as well as for ambitious entrepreneurs managing growing enterprises. Another important target audience includes academics of business faculties in the region

The journal is indexed in EBSCO, ProQuest, OCLC WorldCat, BASE, Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL), Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), RePEc, Google Scholar, Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities, Academic Journals Database, Libraries Resource Directory, CiteULike and Electronic Journals Library.

For more information, visit the website of Central European Business Review (CEBR).