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Honoris Causa Title for Professor Henry Mintzberg


On the basis of a proposal by the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Business Administration from 24th February, 2016, the Scientific Board of the University of Economics has taken, on 15th March, 2016, the decision to confer the degree of “Doctor Oeconomiae Honoris Causa” upon Professor Henry Mintzberg. Professor Mintzberg will be conferred with the honorary degree in a ceremony on Thursday, 10th November, 2016 at 16.30 in the Vencovského Aula of the University of Economics, Prague.

Registration required – you can register here.

Professor Henry Mintzberg is a leading expert in the field of management studies. His entire professional career has been dedicated to management and business strategy. He has written more than 170 articles, as well as 17 books. His focus has shifted gradually to the nature of managerial work and the role played by managers. In addition to this, he deals with the organizational structure and its efficient design, as well as strategic planning and management. Education in the field of management is another area of interest for Professor Mintzberg. He is professor of management at McGill University in Montreal, as well as being a visiting professor at many universities in Europe and other places.

His crucial contribution is the innovative view he takes of managerial positions and managerial roles. He explores the daily life of the manager and based on his findings, he takes an alternative approach to the training and development of managers. Henry Mintzberg is credited with the major shift taking place in organizational theory, where he developed, inter alia, the concept of adhocracy and innovative organization (as opposed to bureaucracy). During the course of his career he has received dozens of international awards and honorary titles.