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CEMSies celebrate another success in consulting competition!

CEMS_KICCThe TNT (Top-Notch-Team) consisting of two CEMS students from VŠE Prague, Jakub Mazal and Dominik Novak, won the national round of KPMG International Case Competition (KICC) and will represent the Czech Republic at the international finale in Dubai in April. The team will be challenged and inspired to demonstrate its genuinely agile thinking and will be given the opportunity to explore the city, enjoy social events and network with peers and industry leaders. Last but not least, of course, the TNT (Top-Notch-Team) will have a shot at winning the international championship!

What is KICC about?

When you enter the KPMG International Case Competition (KICC), you’re starting an exciting journey: one filled with continuous learning, self-improvement and the opportunity to prove yourself, while also receiving valuable coaching from KPMG leaders and industry experts.

During the competition, students:

  • Gain exposure to KPMG member firms’ leaders and professionals from across the global network
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Meet people from other cultures and make global connections
  • Find out how a global organization like KPMG operates
  • Test themselves and increase their confidence
  • Get real-world experience and build their business skills
  • Have an epic adventure!

What was the CEMSies’ experience?

For both me and Dominik, this has been a second year that we participated in the KICC – thanks to the gained knowledge and insights, in only 3 hours we were able to crack the case, develop innovative solution and deliver interactive and creative presentation while answering all of the curious and tricky questions from the jury. Although it is only a student contest, the atmosphere was very competitive and full of talents (the CEMS program was represented by the total of 8 students), which provided us with a unique opportunity to test our versatile skills essential for management consulting.

We can only recommend this experience as it proved our ability to work efficiently under time-pressure, helped us meet the clients’ expectations and tested our presentations skills. It is a great honour and we are excited to carry on this legacy – it has been a third year in a row that the CEMS students won the national round and succeeded to the global finale.

Jakub Mazal on behalf of the TNT, CEMS student at the University of Economics, Prague