CEMS Alumni Soiree


In 2013, not only CEMS alliance celebrates its 25th birthday, but also VŠE as one of partner universities commemorates 60 years of its estabilishment. At the same time it is also 15 years since the first VŠE/CEMS student graduated.

Not only these anniversaries led us to organize CEMS Alumni Soiree. It took place at VŠE premises on Thursday, June 20, 2013. We decided to invite all 337 VŠE CEMS graduates from years 1998 – 2012 and also all academic staff who dedicated their time and knowledge to CEMS. So far, 98 people confirmed their participation and we enjoyed a very nice evening together.

As CEMS is also about networking, there was a „Speed Networking“ activity prepared in order to meet alumni from different years. From the feedback we see that the event was successful and we hope to organize another Alumni Soiree soon.


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