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CEMS Admission Procedure – Assessment Centre took place in late March

The CEMS assessment centre for new CEMS applicants took place from March 23 to March 27, 2015. Our own CEMS assessment center is organized for the purpose of choosing the best CEMS students at the University of Economics, Prague.

Following the submissions procedure of the 1st round, 80 students advanced to the 2nd round of the admission procedure and thus participated in the CEMS assessment centre. There are two psychologists, two members of the CEMS office, several company representatives and 15 students per day to process. Students are assessed through many perspectives – how they work individually, in teams, their motivation, behaviour in stressful situations, responsibility, flexibility, self-confidence and communication skills. Students also have to pass the logical and psychological tests. At the end of the day, each student gets feedback from psychologists and is also interviewed by the academic director and programme manager. After careful consideration, 51 of the original 80 participants were admitted.

The whole admission procedure is completed by the 3rd round. The enrolment is taking place July 3, 2015. By the time, the students must have successfully completed their Bachelor’s degree.

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