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Block seminar: 3SG557 Family Business Strategies

23.1.2017 25.1.2017

Family involvement causes business enterprises to have unique organisational goals, structures and resources that eventually create distinctive management challenges for owners and managers. This course provides students with theoretical frameworks and practical tools to build an enlightened understanding of how to work entrepreneurially and professionally, in and with family firms, and manage the unique challenges and dilemmas faced by family enterprises effectively. Topics covered include leadership succession, familydriven innovation, family-centered goals and goal setting processes, family business governance, lifecycles and temporal family dynamics, strategic management and stakeholder management in family enterprises.

Dates and places of the course:

The course takes place from Monday 23 January till Wednesday 25 January 2017. Always 9,00 – 16,00. Room RB435. Registration in InSIS.

More information here.