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Application dealine for PhD programs

15.5.2010 00:00
    Faculty of Business Administration
Contact person Language Topics for doctoral theses Contact
doc. Jiří Hnilica  English 1. Risk Analysis and Financial Modelling
  English 2. Utilities, their performance and regulation  
doc. Helena Sedláčková  English 1. Approaches to Corporate Strategy
  English 2. Selected Aspects of the Strategic Analysis   
prof. Jindřich Soukup  English 1. The impact of the EU structural policy on the economic development in the Czech
    Republic (or any other selected country)   
    2. The impact of the macroeconomic policy on the business (in the selected country)  
  Πo-pycckи 3. the same topics as in English  
doc. Bronislava Hořejší  English 1. Micro and Macroeconomic apscts of FDI
  English 2. FDI theory and practice in the Czech Republic   
  English 3. Theory of the multinational enterprise   
doc. Libuše Macáková  English 1. The mobility of highly qualified employees in EU
  English 2. The work supply decision of managers   
  Πo-pycckи 3. the same topics as in English  
prof. Ivan Nový  Deutsch 1. Unternehmenskultur der internationalen Firmen
  Deutsch 2. Interkulturelles management – Fusion, Aquisitionen  
  Deutsch 3. Innovationsunterstütze Unternehmenskultur  
prof. Zuzana Dvořáková  English 1. HR management skills
  English 2. Improvement of the effectiveness of HRM  
  English 3. Retention strategies for Generation Y talents  
  English 4. Diversity management in a multicultural environment  
  English 5. Training and development of  creative leadership  
doc. Jan Koudelka  English 1.Specifics of Czech consumers
  English 2. Modern trends in marketing research   
  English 3. Marketing importance of today image  
prof. Milan Malý  English 1. New theory of Corporate Governance for not-for-profit sector
  English 2. Corporate Governance, Competitive advantage and performance  
  English 3. Relationship between board structure and economic and social performance  
  English 4. Corporate Governance and stock market performance in new EU members  
doc. Mikuláš Pichanič  English 1. International Management -The New Business Way of Entrepren. of Multinat. Corporations
  Deutsch 2. Die neuen Wege der Unternehm. Tätigkeit der Multinat. Korpor.  
prof. Jaromír Veber  Deutsch 1. Quality Management,  Leistungsbewertung
  Πo-pycckи 2. Mенеджмент  качествa. Oценкa можности организации.  
doc. Ludmila Mládková English 1. Knowledge Management, Management of Knowledge Worker