Tuition Fees

Foreign students wishing to study in a PhD. program in a language other than Czech must pay a tuition fee € 5000 per academic year. This form of study is a distance program which means that students come for consultations at a time agreed with their tutors, but are not obliged to attend lectures and seminars daily. Nevertheless, they must pass the exams. Students study, participate in examinations, as well as write and defend their doctoral thesis, in a foreign language. The standard length of study is 3 years. Students are not entitled to scholarships or residential accommodation. However, in case of high-quality papers or books published under the affiliation of FBA, students get competitive scholarships as a bonus.

Starting from academic year 2017/2018 FBA offers max. 5 scholarships for internal PhD. students studying in English that will cover 50 to 100 % of the tuition fee. The selection of students supported this way will be based on the quality of their PhD. research proposal (see How to apply/ Admission for the details on research proposal). The research proposal should be submitted in the preferential areas of FBA research focus, such as family business, behavioural economics or entrepreneurship. In order to receive the scholarship also for the second and third study year, internal PhD. students studying in English, who are selected by this procedure, must meet performance milestones by the end of the previous year.