Support from FBA

Faculty of Business Administration is aware of the need to support PhD. students’ professional development. PhD. students participate in seminars organized by the FBA Research Centre and in the Research Club, which are focused on research design, statistical methods, academic writing and related topics. Second, the FBA offers to fund (as a targeted scholarship) participation in high-quality international seminars and Summer schools focused either on research methodology or on the particular student’s research topic. Finally, full-time PhD. students are encouraged to go abroad for a period of several months to half a year to a recognized international university (e.g., in 2015 they went to Utrecht University, ESADE, Sorbonne, HSG) and to develop research cooperation. Again, such a stay is supported by targeted scholarship. FBA further supports financially participation at prestigious conferences such as AOM, EURAM, ICAP and others that are related to the field of study of a particular PhD. student.

Further, FBA rewards high academic performance of PhD. students. Generous rewards in the form of scholarships are provided for achieving high-quality publication outputs, mainly in the form of papers published in journals listed in Thomson Reuters and Scopus databases. Reward for publication in top-tier journal may go up to 9.500 EUR per paper in A-level journal.

Students are also expected to submit research proposals to the Internal Grant Agency that annually supports approximately 20 research projects of PhD. students. Project duration is 1-2 years and the budget provided is on average 10.000 EUR per year. The following criteria are applied in the selection process: potential added value of research proposal based on state-of-the-art knowledge, quality of research design, quality of the team, quality of expected outcomes (obligatory when the project is accepted) and an adequate financial budget. For instance, in 2016, nineteen out of twenty-nine proposals have been accepted for internal funding.

Faculty offers a contemporary setting, welcoming atmosphere, modern facilities and access to electronic information resources such as EBSCO, ProQuest Central or JSTOR and access to BvD database Amadeus and others.