Study Requirements

The right candidate for Ph.D. studies should be self-directed, motivated, highly disciplined, with strong analytical skills and desire for doing research, developing new ideas and paradigms and learning rigorous research methods. The candidate should be able to work alone as well to cooperate with other doctoral students and faculty and be able to communicate research findings to peers, mentors, and the business world.

Doctoral student must do research, publish articles in peer-reviewed journals and present results at a high-quality conference. It is also mandatory to submit a research project and to do a research stay at a foreign scientific institution related to the particular field of study.

For a particular requirements and responsibilities of Ph.D. students see Dean’s Order N3/17 of 3rd April, 2017 regarding Ph.D. candidates further obligations at the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics, Prague. Requirements for each year of study are specified there. In general, students are also governed by Study and Examination Regulations for the Doctoral Degree Study Programs of the University of Economics .

It is also worth to note that for a successful study completion, a Ph.D. student may, instead of the classic stand-alone dissertation, put forward in three articles published in journals listed in Thomson Reuters or Scopus databases. Doctoral student must be the sole author of these articles.