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It’s never too late to consider a career in academia. The profile of today’s doctoral students in Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) reflects a diverse cross section of society – various life stages and professional experiences are represented. If you possess a desire to learn, a curiosity to ask and pursue questions using rigorous research methods, the motivation and drive to work independently as a scholar and maybe think about a career as a professor in business academia, starting with our doctoral program may be good option for you.

FBA offers doctoral study program for four years: Management and Managerial Economics focuses on current issues in the field of management, corporate strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational behaviour, HR management, logistics and arts management,

For more information about subjects and topics of theses in both programs, please see Contents of study.

The main focus of doctoral studies is on performing own research in the selected study field and students are required to achieve clearly defined milestones and outputs – please see Study Requirements. Our doctoral students are involved in national and international projects, such as 7th FP CUPESSE project, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor project and others. Also, independent smaller scale research projects are supported by internal grant agency – please see Support from FBA. Doctoral students’ research articles have been published in various international journals, such as, in the last year, Journal of Management Inquiry or Frontiers in Psychology.

Currently, there are 73 PhD. students at FBA. Acceptance rate for PhD. studies at the last entrance exams was approximately 60 percent. The basic tuition fee for PhD. studies in a foreign language is 5,000 EUR / year, but scholarship options exist for a limited number of internal doctoral students. Please see Tuition fees for more detail.

Procedural and technical issues are administered by study coordinator for doctoral study who can also provide more detailed information. For more information on admission procedure, see How to Apply / Admissions.


Ing. Adriana Válová, Ph.D.

Ing. Adriana Válová, Ph.D.

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