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Academic Year 2016/2017 flashbacks

June 2017 – The Faculty got a new professor.  Jiří Hnilica – newly appointed professor – received the letter of appointment on Friday 23 June 2017 in the historical premises of Karolinum. Prof. Ing. Jiří Hnilica, Ph.D. is Head of the Department of Strategy of FPH VŠE, Vice-Rector of International Relations and Information Systems of the University of Economics and Head of Center for Family Businesses FPH VŠE.

May 2017 – Our Master’s programme CEMS MIM has been ranked 9th in the Master in Management Rankings by The Economist. CEMS program is the flagship of the faculty. Within this program, faculty cooperates with the most prestigious universities around the world, such as St. Louis University. Gallen or Università Bocconi.

April 2017 – Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration awarded six academics for excellent pedagogical activity in 2016. Among the award-winning academics were Mgr. Mario Kubaš, Ph.D. and Ing. Milan Lindner, Department of Arts Management, Ing. Bedřich Rathouský, Ph.D., Department of Logistics, Mgr. Marek Novinský, Department of Marketing, Ing. Michal Andera, Department of Entrepreneurship and Ing. Ladislav Tyll, MBA, Ph.D, Department of Strategy.

March 2017 – The Faculty, as the only such institute in the Czech Republic, has been conferred with the prestigious EQUIS international accreditation. This accreditation is awarded only to the faculties with top teaching standards, outstanding academics, high quality scientific activities and strong links with business practice. The faculty is thus ranked alongside universities like the HEC Paris, the London Business School, the Rotterdam School of Management, as well as the University of St. Gallen.

February 2017 – In cooperation with the Faculty of Business Management of the University of Economics in Bratislava, our faculty opened an admision process for a new double degree study program. Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates will receive both a diploma from the University of Economics in Prague and a diploma from the University of Economics in Bratislava.

January 2017 – In January Faculty opened a new subject “B2B Marketing” taught in English. The course is specific not only for focusing on the B2B market and the use of high-tech computer simulation by Markstrat, but mainly for its teacher. Libor Mertl is the founder of a technology company with more than a billion annual turnover.

December 2016 – The conference Family Firms at the Crossroads, organized by the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic together with the Faculty of Business Administration,  was held in December. Plenary speeches has been held by government representatives, owners of important Czech family firms, as well as academics from prestigious international universities.

November 2016 – On the basis of a proposal by the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Business Administration Professor Henry Mintzberg was conferred with the honorary degree in a ceremony on Thursday, 10thNovember, 2016. Professor Henry Mintzberg is a leading expert in the field of management studies. His entire professional career has been dedicated to management and business strategy.

October 2016 – The first International Arts Management Week was held in mid-October in the premises of the University of Economics. The renowned foreign teachers, such as Thomas Paris from HEC Paris or Alan Yaffe of the University of Cincinnati, performed at the event. Visitors could take part through creative workshops, commented visit to the DOX Gallery, or listening how to travel abroad with the help of the Fulbright Commission.

September 2016 – 14. 9. 2016 The Financial Times published its annual Master in Management Ranking 2016. The Business Administration and Management study branch is the only one Czech representative in the ranking. It ranked in 81st position. In 2016, universities from 25 countries were ranked in total. The University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) ranked in first position, HEC Paris (France) ranked in second position and Essec Business School (France) ranked in third position.