Preliminary Defence/ Colloquium

The Study and Examination Regulations for the Doctoral Degree Study Programmes of the University of Economics in Prague. November 26, 2013

Since academic year 2014/2015 Definition of the colloquium and the ‘little’ defence – From the Dean’s Decree N1/14 of 10th September, 2014, regarding the further duties of doctoral students of the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics, Prague.

Preliminary Defence/Colloquium

Information and instructions

Article 17

Preliminary Defence

(1) Preliminary defence is the defence of the first draft of the thesis, before the staff of the department where the student conducts research, or where he belongs by virtue of the thesis topic. In case of doubt the department can be determined by the dean.

(2) The student submits the thesis to the head of the department, who organizes the preliminary defence without delay. The aim of the preliminary defence is to evaluate whether the thesis meets the requirements for such work. For this purpose, the head of the department can ask the opinion of other experts, including those from outside the VŠE.

(3) The record of the preliminary defence is kept, stating whether the thesis is recommended for defence or must be revised. The head of department presents the record immediately to the doctoral degree studies counsellor.

Article 11

Progressing to a Higher Year

(1) A student may enrol in the second year after he has passed at least two of the required examinations in the previous academic year, and has fulfilled other tasks set by theindividual study plan and the faculty´s regulations.

(2) A student may enrol in the third year after he has passed all required exams, fulfilled other assignments set by the individual study plan and the faculty´s regulations.

(3) A student may enrol in the fourth year after he has passed the SDE.

(4) A student may enrol in the fifth year after he has completed the preliminary defence.

(5) The maximum length of study is five years.

(6) In the on-site mode of study, a student may study for the standard period of time only;afterwards the student will be transferred to a combined, or distance, mode of study by the dean. The maximum length of study shall be as stated in paragraph 5.

(7) The enrolment in a higher year is effective as of the day of the approval given by the dean, based on the Report on the Progress of Studies.

(8) A student who does not meet the conditions for enrolment in a higher year may apply to the dean for a conditional enrolment, provided he applies immediately after the failure to meet the conditions becomes known to him.

(9) The enrolment in a higher year is carried out in the study record book and the information system.

Dean’s regulation 7/09 from April 30, 2009: Additional Duties of PhD students at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, Prague (page 2 and 3)

Activity Distance form of study Supervisor’s role Organization
Active participation on colloquiums organized to support dissertation theses of other PhD students In accordance with the supervisor’s  recommendation Colloquium information is located on FBA web page
Discussion of dissertation thesis during colloquium before the preliminary defense After the first draft of the dissertation  thesis is completed It is organized by the supervisor with the cooperation of the Secretary for Doctoral Programs Secretary makes arrangements for the room

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