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A nonsemestral course: IP_316 Entrepreneurship with SME

This course combines the theoretical understanding and the practical application of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial behavior. It examines the role of entrepreneurship as a key factor in the success of an SME and considers the Business Plan as a framework to capture entrepreneurial aspiration. It is aimed at students who either wish to understand entrepreneurship as a subject or who are considering starting their own business within not only Czech Republic but in the EU and especially in the UK.

The course will be held from 29. 9. 2015 to 2. 10. 2015 (Tuesday 9.15 – 16.00; Wednesday 9.15 – 16.00; Thursday 9.15 – 16.00; Friday 9.15 – 14.15) in the teaching room RB338. The course leads visiting profesor Julian Campbell – Director of MBA , Norwich Business School , University of East Anglia.

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